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Unfortunately google does not provide this kind of API.It would have been better if google provide API like the big social networks platform Facebook and twitter to get the friends list or followers. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and makes a great gift for that person you'd love to share the "Word of God" with! The mini CD is a great conversation piece and ice-breaker.Pros: the best webstite in the world if you're looking to savvve time.Had I checked oout my ex boyfriend (now he is) sooner, or used the monitoring system they have...which somehow is all free Cons: Ummmm... Search site could not be processed for various reasons: 1. Site contains content type warez, hacking, viruses 5.Site check is less than 50 unique visitors per day 2. Policies violate Note: When your site will exceed 50 unique visitors per day automatically can be verified.

If so chances are that you have come across a player, cheater, or liar.

Finding a trustworthy boyfriend or girlfriend can be a challenging task.

Player Block's database of cheaters may save you the time and energy of dating a cheater.

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