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Often, these movies used the trials and tribulations of racially mixed lovers as a platform to challenge racial constructs and racism generally. One of the first Hollywood productions to explore interracial romance—“Island in the Sun”— takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Santa Marta.How well do you know your interracial romance films? Harry Belafonte plays David Boyeur, a black activist who threatens Santa Marta’s white rulers.In this same decade, Emmett Till was lynched for allegedly flirting with a white woman.The 2004 film “Haven” is another film set in the islands featuring interracial romance.Interracial relationships are much more of a norm today than they’ve ever been.However, when it comes to cinema it still seems to be somewhat of a touchy subject.Here are 10 movies featuring interracial relationships that are worthy of being seen. Just seeing Howell as a black guy was ridiculous enough. Nat is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Uncoached Corporation and all its properties.He loves television, movies, fitness, playing piano, and writing articles worth reading.

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And while it’s much more commonplace to see a black man with a white woman, or Latina woman and black man, or white man and Latina woman, etc etc today, I still feel that movies haven’t really captured these relationships enough.More » This musical, which reworks Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” chronicles two New York City street gangs—the Caucasian Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks, who function as the Montagues and the Capulets, respectively.With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I cannot help but dwell on who might be coming to dinner.The book illustrates how hateful narratives, stereotypes, and lies about black women are used to justify their sexual exploitation and their rejection as wives.Among these myths are ones you’ve probably heard of (perhaps some you’ve believed): black women in general are inherently less feminine/more masculine, have animalistic and uncontrollable sexuality, lack intelligence and civility, and are lazy and irresponsible.

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