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By: Matthew Rorie Design: Randall Montanan For fans of online role-playing games, the release of Neverwinter Nights in 2002 was a revelation.

The game shipped with a robust suite of world-building tools, giving wannabe dungeon masters the ability to create their own scenarios and modules to share online.

(At times, you may find yourself with as many as seven or eight characters or creatures in your party!

Still, a flicker of hope yet remained, for not all had died in the attack.

From the bloody carnage at the academy a survivor had stepped forward, a champion to carry the torch in this darkest hour...

The feats are a number of passive and active abilities than can be employed by a wide variety of characters. Your mastery of cold magic has yielded impressive results.

Unlike skills, feats typically do not have "levels"; they usually give a single ability to the character that gives them additional options or bonuses. Prerequisites: You must be able to cast 4th level spells and have a Spellcraft of 10 or higher.

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