Dating car registration numbers

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Since we went live with our free online enquiry service take-up has been more than we expected, with calls to our premium rate telephone line dropping to less than 30 a day.Just by confirming the vehicle’s make and registration number you can find out: DVLA’s date of liability check helpline 09 (which charges 51p a minute) to check the expiry date of a vehicle’s current vehicle tax will close on 19 December 2014.When applying for authenticated copies from record offices, archives , trusts or private collections , ensure that the information contains the VIN .Records without the VIN connection will not be accepted by the DVLA.In effect this means that the scooter should be complete and roadworthy as Inspection may be required by VOSA (now DVSA).All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated.

If available, you will need: The document should be a sales receipt (dated before 1983), archive document (or Authenticated Copy) of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book (or authenticated copy).

The data covers the period of 1900 through to 1972, so registrations seen on later cars wouldn't necessarily be included in this information.

The majority of post-war car numbers incorporate a three letter code - where this is the case, letters 2 and 3 signify the location code.

The cheap Number Plates available in our database are very popular for drivers of quality or prestigious motor cars who just want to hide the age of the car with a cheap private registration number.

You may find your car is getting a little older yet it's in wonderful condition and so deserves a more attractive car registration to bring it back to life.

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