Authority file oclc record updating

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Links are included at different stages to relevant documents where more detailed information is provided. The order in which you do the steps may be optional, as is sometimes specifically indicated below, based on what you find to be most efficient and effective for your approach to work.However, please make sure not to skip any necessary step.The word authority in authority control derives from the idea that the names of people, places, things, and concepts are authorized, i.e., they are established in one particular form.Each controlled entry is described in an authority record in terms of its scope and usage, and this organization helps the library staff maintain the catalog and make it user-friendly for researchers.

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by using a single, distinct spelling of a name (heading) or a numeric identifier for each topic.Accordingly, authority control is an example of controlled vocabulary and of bibliographic control.While in theory any piece of information is amenable to authority control such as personal and corporate names, uniform titles, series names, and subjects, library cataloguers typically focus on author names and book titles.No matter what URL you find, it dies when the session dies. But name-authority files (ie., authors) have received no similar treatment.LC Authorities Thing is a partial and tentative solution to that problem, a window into the Library of Congress Authorities catalog that allows permanent linking. I know, anyway, that it can be of some use to Library Thing.

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