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Its main building is described as an “alien space cathedral” that sits on the side of a mountain near secret tunnels and underground vaults that guard the written works of Scientology’s founder.Photos taken by a helicopter on a recent flyover revealed one of the closest public looks at the compound since it was built in the 1980s by a Church of Scientology branch, the Church of Technology.

The one they originally built the underground vault on, between 19. But the Federal Register record says both properties were valued at only ,000 at the time of the land swap in August 1992.

The vault itself is carved into the side of a cliff between the airstrip and the CST logo.

In past years, a house had been built to camouflage it.

The two giant circles, carved into the ground with diamond shapes inside them, are the symbols of the Church of Technology and are thought to be intended as landing markers for future generations of Scientologists.

When a nuclear holocaust vaporizes the human race, as church members predict, their survivors will be able to identify the area and land near the three-story, green-and-beige house.

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